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for Advertisers

Achieve your online advertising goals and gain rich customer insights with Admedo’s powerful programmatic technology

You deserve more relevant and targeted online advertising campaigns, with honest insights into your ad spend.  Admedo gives you this, through our straightforward programmatic advertising platform, designed around you.

Designed for Advertisers


Find new

Our advanced programmatic technology constantly learns and optimises, ensuring your campaigns reach new, highly relevant audiences online.


Build your

Run campaigns that get your brand messages in front of your target audiences online, across multiple channels. The only limit is your imagination. 


Understand your

Enjoy deeper real-time insights and data on your target audience, to drive your marketing performance across all your channels.

Programmatic Solutions for Advertisers

Charles Talbot, Commercial Director at Admedo, discusses how our programmatic advertising technology can help advertisers see real success.


Key Product Features


We understand that your business is unique. As the first Customised DSP, our platform and approach can be tailored to your individual marketing needs.

Target the Right Customers

Precisely target your audiences on multiple criteria, including behavioural, contextual, demographic and geographical targeting.

Programmatic Made Accessible

Our straightforward, intuitive platform enables you to easily create new campaigns. And you’ll be fullysupported by your own account manager every step of the way.

Broaden Your Reach

Enjoy the widest possible online reach. Our platform integrates with over 30 leading AdExchanges, covering 97% of bidded inventory across Europe and the Americas.

Powerful Learning Technology

Our powerful machine learning technology constantly drives campaign performance, helping you meet your objectives and enjoy high ROI.

See Your Success

Clear reporting within the platform enables you to easily view all aspects of delivery and campaign performance.


We believe programmatic advertising should be transparent. That's why our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden costs. No long-term contract, just a flat Admedo commission Fee.

The Admedo Guarantee