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Can programmatic solve the University (marketing) Challenge?

Total undergraduate full-time applications for September 2017 are down by 5% compared to this point in 2016. A drop of 7% in the number of EU applications, 23% in the number of nursing applications, a notable decrease in the number of older applicants, and a smaller decrease in the number of 18 year old applicants have combined to produce this decline. Consequently, the ball remains firmly in the applicant’s court and it is up to marketing teams to continue engaging with students long after the traditional January UCAS deadline.

Posted by Keely Williams
14-Feb-2017 08:53:22

5 ways to break through the Google, Facebook and WPP hegemony

by Khalil Ibrahimi, UK Managing Director at Admedo

Posted by Khalil Ibrahimi
19-Jan-2017 10:14:46

A 2016 Digital Industry Throwback

2016 is drawing to a close, and it’s certainly been an eventful year – and not just in the world of ad tech and digital. We’ve listed a few of our most memorable moments, industry game changers and pieces of news that particularly sparked our interest. Here’s our “Tech Throwback”:

Posted by Adela Blackford
08-Dec-2016 13:50:17

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