Learn About Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a powerful, full-funnel digital marketing channel. Let us help guide you through your journey into programmatic

As a marketer, you’re interested in meeting your marketing objectives and understanding how new marketing channels can help you get there. We believe programmatic advertising is a straightforward and measurable channel that can help you drive new sales and increase your brand awareness. It doesn’t need to be complicated – let us guide you through the basics.

Understanding Programmatic


Unlocking the Power
of Online Advertising

With programmatic, traditional display advertising has evolved into an even more powerful and measurable channel. Learn how the industry has changed and how you can benefit. 


Programmatic –
The Admedo Approach

At Admedo, we believe that transparency and accessibility is key to getting the most out of programmatic advertising.  Learn more about our unique approach to programmatic and what it means for your campaigns.

Almost half of online display ads in 2014, worth just under £1 billion, were bought through programmatic technologies

Internet Advertising Bureau UK


eBook: Five Steps To Programmatic Success

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  • What advertisers think about online advertising and programmatic
  • How programmatic has become accessible to all businesses
  • Practical advice on making programmatic a success in your business

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