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Higher Education Marketing

How Higher Education Marketers Are Adapting Their Tactics to Reach More Students

For marketers in today’s landscape, I think it would be fair to say that with the explosion of marketing channels, you have to be all-round marketers. Brands must be present online and offline whilst ensuring the two strategies (which often operate in independent teams) are seamless as well. Essentially, your brand must be omnipresent to…

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5 Ways to drive incremental applications ahead of the looming January deadline

With your Undergraduate Open Days approaching, make sure you are following-up the conversation to potential applicants. During this crucial period you can employ a number of tactics to reach your application targets:   Data-driven creative According to McKinsey research, data-driven personalisation delivers five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend and lifts conversions by…

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Programmatic advertising discussed by marketers

Can programmatic solve the University (marketing) Challenge?

Total undergraduate full-time applications for September 2017 are down by 5% compared to this point in 2016. A drop of 7% in the number of EU applications, 23% in the number of nursing applications, a notable decrease in the number of older applicants, and a smaller decrease in the number of 18 year old applicants…

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shoppers and consumers targeted through programmatic activity

Programmatic prospecting for retail: what you’re missing out on

Long has the legend endured that programmatic advertising = direct response = retargeting, i.e. when it comes to customers, programmatic can’t do more than help you grab the low hanging fruit. But solely using retargeting, means you miss out on the scale offered by the ad exchange inventory landscape in its vast entirety. There are…

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university campus targeting students

A Higher Degree of Awareness

How to use Programmatic Awareness Activity for Postgraduate Enrolment Welcome the postgraduate loan! For Universities looking to fill more postgrad courses, this incentive for enrolment will no doubt become a central focus in their marketing for 2016 and beyond. And for potential applicants not yet in market, programmatic advertising is a great way to raise…

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marketing programmatic to higher education

How Higher Education Marketers Can Get More From Programmatic Advertising in 5 Steps

When I speak to Higher Education marketers about programmatic advertising, questions about its efficiency, transparency and general functionality are common. But the overriding query is: how do I know when I’ve chosen the best solution? There’s no simple answer to this, but if you first determine your online advertising goals, there are five fundamental actions you…

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programmatic tips for higher education marketers

My Quick Programmatic Tips for Higher Education Marketers

If you’re a university marketer, you’re certainly not spending all of August at the beach. Now that clearing is (almost) out of the way, chances are that you’re already thinking about the student intake for 2016/2017. Everyday, I speak with many colleges and higher education providers to help them target the right prospective students online….

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marketing programmatic to higher education

Clearing 2015 – How can programmatic advertising help ensure your courses are filled?

At Admedo, I spend a lot of time working with colleges and other higher education providers to help them to target the right prospective students online. There’s no doubt that competition amongst universities looking to attract new students has never been higher. It’s never been more important for higher education marketers to get the most…

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