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Harnessing the power of data across channels

With access to a lot of data comes huge amounts of opportunity. A clear method of tracking user data means you can contribute insight back to the rest of your team to accelerate strategies owned by other channels. In this blog post we explore how you feed this information into those channels to achieve a…

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HTML5 creative on a laptop

Why HTML5 Has the Programmatic X Factor

HTML5 effectively allows advertisers to build a microsite within a banner ad thanks to the interactive online ad experience which is created. The demise of Flash ads over the past few years has given way to the adoption of HTML5 animated ads and as such has enhanced the creative delivery through programmatic. There are 3…

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lightbulb moments for fusing programmatic and creative

Programmatic & Creative: Deliver Engaging Content in 6 Steps

WHY MUST YOU MARRY PROGRAMMATIC AND CREATIVE TOGETHER? At its core, advertising is about telling a story to the consumer in order to engage them with the brand. Creative and messaging has gone hand in hand for decades. However, with the rise of digital and the “device-led age”, challenges have become apparent when designing ads…

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advertising fails billboard

Facing up to advertising fails

If you type into your search engine “advertising fails” you will come across some of the most ill-timed, poorly placed and downright unfortunate advertising misplacements. It’s generally with traditional media; having an “Alcoholism, there is hope ahead” OOH (out-of-home) billboard banner with a Winery banner placed a few yards behind for instance. Yes, this is…

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Programmatic advertising discussed by marketers

Can programmatic solve the University (marketing) Challenge?

Total undergraduate full-time applications for September 2017 are down by 5% compared to this point in 2016. A drop of 7% in the number of EU applications, 23% in the number of nursing applications, a notable decrease in the number of older applicants, and a smaller decrease in the number of 18 year old applicants…

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hegemonic rule of the few

5 ways to break through the Google, Facebook and WPP hegemony

You can look at the glass half empty, or you can look at it half full. 60% of the UK’s digital advertising marketplace has been sucked up by Facebook and Google along with WPP agencies and similar groups controlling the spend into them. This leaves us with two options; we can either sell up and…

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person on their digital device looking at news

A 2016 Digital Industry Throwback

2016 is drawing to a close, and it’s certainly been an eventful year – and not just in the world of ad tech and digital. We’ve listed a few of our most memorable moments, industry game changers and pieces of news that particularly sparked our interest. Here’s our “Tech Throwback”: JANUARY A Year of Predictions…

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Why Marketers Should Be Harnessing Full-Funnel Programmatic

According to eMarketer predications, 70% of all digital display ad spend in the UK will be through programmatic pipes in 2016. Marketers are clearly turning their attention to programmatic technologies, with programmatic ad spend surpassing £2billion this year. What has become evident is the expectation for programmatic to predominantly drive lower-funnel strategies and low-hanging fruit….

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shoppers and consumers targeted through programmatic activity

Programmatic prospecting for retail: what you’re missing out on

Long has the legend endured that programmatic advertising = direct response = retargeting, i.e. when it comes to customers, programmatic can’t do more than help you grab the low hanging fruit. But solely using retargeting, means you miss out on the scale offered by the ad exchange inventory landscape in its vast entirety. There are…

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The Transparent Marketer: a radical approach to customer privacy

The shift had to happen at some point; we’re entering the post-cookie age. But what does that mean for your relationship with the people who buy your products and services? Hands down, cookies have made us better at serving relevant online advertising. But when it comes to finding that ‘single identifier’ in an era where…

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