Admedo recognized as innovative entrepreneurs at the forefront of “MAdTech”

22 Jun 2017 |

Fresh Business Thinking, online resource for business owners, directors and entrepreneurs has partnered with KPMG to select the top one hundred scale-up businesses that are reinventing advertising and marketing in the digital world in the “MAd Tech” Shift 100 Series. Bivek Sharma, head of KPMG Small Business Accounting, said:

“We’re super excited to be associated with the Shift 100, as our service is built around supporting innovative and ambitious small businesses as they scale up. There’s some fantastic firms listed, and it shows the sheer breadth and depth of the UK martech and adtech sectors.”


Admedo, independent, next-generation DSP (Demand Side Platform) and programmatic specialist has been selected to feature in the Shift 100 Series because of their fresh programmatic approach within the ad tech space. The growing business has created a highly sophisticated and intuitive platform that snaps around their clients’ businesses, fully customizable around their needs. By simplifying programmatic advertising, Admedo has made it accessible to all. Nick Moutter, chief executive of Admedo says “We’re delighted to have been recognized in the MAd Technology Shift 100. We started Admedo with the goal of democratizing programmatic advertising. The industry was not working for advertisers; the profitability and efficiency programmatic promised from its inception was being eroded through non-transparent supply chains. We wanted to lift the lid on these nefarious practices and provide advertisers with an honest solution, putting the control of their programmatic decisions entirely in their hands. I believe this is why our offering resonates so much with advertisers, not just in the UK but in the US too where we are seeing strong growth and is a key expansion area for us.”

“MAd Tech,” the merge of media, advertising and technology has transformed how consumers “consume” content. Technology has played a pivotal role in defining the advertising and media industry. The proliferation of connected devices, 4G connectivity and increased availability of smartphones is changing the way consumers interact with brands and vice versa. As a result, programmatic advertising is a digital channel that has seen phenomenal growth across the globe, changing the way brands reach consumers. The ability to overlay first party and third party data to reach the right consumer, in the right moment, in the right place has been a game-changer for brands.

Recently the issue of opaque practices within programmatic has been well documented, from Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard’s speech on non-transparent media supply chains to The Times’ expose on ad fraud, questions have been raised over the efficacy and transparency of programmatic. Khalil Ibrahimi, managing director of Admedo says, “The most effective action we can take as an industry is clear. It’s incumbent on us to be honest and transparent first and foremost. This is at the heart of building client trust. We must lay our cards on the table and incorporate the client in every step of the process. By leveraging customer relationships and nurturing their journey, we can help scale their businesses and grow our own.”

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